Financing October 24, 2022

American Savings Bank Weekly Mortgage Rates Update October 21, 2022

Mortgage rate kept going up as US 10 Year Yield traded up to 4.20% on Thursday, and closed at 4.21% on Friday.

Housing Starts fell 8.1% from August to an annual rate of 1.439M units versus the 1.475M expected.
Building Permits, a sign of future construction, rose 1.4% to 1.564M versus 1.530M expected

Earlier Friday, the yen slid to 151.94 yen, the lowest level in about 32 years since July 1990,  against the dollar on the view that the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue with its aggressive interest rate hikes to tame rising inflation. But it later advanced by more than 5 yen to 146.20.       U.S. market prompted speculation that Japanese authorities may have conducted another yen-buying, dollar-selling market intervention.



9月の住宅着工件数は 8 月から 8.1% 減少し、予想されていた 年換算147万5000戸を下回り 143万9000戸にとどまる。
建設の兆候である建築許可は、予想された 153万戸より 1.4% 上回る 156万4000戸であった。

21日午前のニューヨーク外国為替市場では、米長期金利の上昇を眺めて円売り・ドル買いが広がり円相場は1ドル=151円台半ばに下落した。一時151円94銭を付け、1990年7月以来約32年ぶりの安値を更新し、 146円台まで一気に5円程度の円高・ドル安が進んだ。


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弊社のジャンボローン(ローン額$970,801 以上)が、$2,75Mまでローンが組めるようになりました。


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* Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase of $750,000 with 20% down for a borrower with credit score 740+ as an owner – occupant.
** Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase for $1,100,000 with 25% down for a borrower with credit scores 760+ as an owner- occupant.
**** VA Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase of $600,000 with 0% down for a borrower with credit scores 700+ as an owner- occupant.