Financing March 15, 2023

American Savings Bank Weekly Mortgage Rates Update Mar. 10th.

US 2-year Treasury note fell sharply (46 basis points over a two – day period) on Friday as the shutdown of Sillicon Valley Bank.
We have not seen the sudden decline since September 2008.

10 Year Treasury Rate on Friday dropped to 3.70%, compared to 3.93% on Thursday.
Weekly Initial Jobless Claims rose 21K to 211K in the latest week and above the 195K expected

311K jobs were created in February while monthly hourly earnings declined, manufacturing jobs were lost and the unemployment rate ticked higher.

シリコンバレー銀行の閉鎖を受けて、米国の 2年物国債は金曜日に急落. (2 日間で 46 ベーシス ポイント下落)。2008 年 9 月以来の下げ幅
金曜日の 10 年国債利回りは、木曜日の 3.93% から 3.70% に下落した



毎週の最初の失業保険申請件数は、直近の週で 21,000 から 211,000 に増加し、予想されていた 195,000 を上回った。

2 月分雇用統計は、雇用者数は、前月比 31万 1,000 人増したが月間賃金は減少し、失業率は悪化している。


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Our HELOC Promotional Rate: (application deadline 03/15/2023)
5.35% for the first 5 years

Fixed Rate Equity Loan Option: (application deadline 03/15/2023)
5.50% for 10 years
6.00% for 20 years

Our Jumbo loan, we can go loan amount up to $2.75 M now.
Jumbo loan, we can do for 10 % down with MI or with 2nd mortgage as well

弊社のジャンボローン(ローン額$970,801 以上)が、$2,75Mまでローンが組めるようになりました。



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* Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase of $750,000 with 20% down for a borrower with credit score 740+ as an owner – occupant.
** Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase for $1,100,000 with 25% down for a borrower with credit scores 760+ as an owner- occupant.
**** VA Rates & APR based on a single family home purchase of $600,000 with 0% down for a borrower with credit scores 700+ as an owner- occupant.